Introduction to Department of early childhood education and care 


Establishment of Department and its Objectivity


Department of early childhood education and care at Minghsin University of Science and Technology is established in 1999, for the purpose of fostering early childhood education professionals. The goals of establishment are “ practices with empathy,  excellency of early childhood education and care” The educational goal is to nurture early childhood caregivers/professionals, and children related industrial professionals with beliefs and applications, to meet the relevant needs of early childhood field and children industries., in addition to promote professional disposition and service quality of early childhood professionals for the sake of nurturing quality young children for the nation.


Historical Evolution


Rated first class on the 2003 college and university evaluation of the Ministry of Education, Republic of China. At the same year, the alumnus association of our graduates was established in order to collaboratively connect this department with our graduates. It was evaluated as the first class in year of 2000. In 2013, it is rated as one of top 30th golden departments and highest employment rate in the nation by the Business Weekly. It is officially certified as an institute to “nurture education and care professionals of the preschool” in 2014. In addition, early childhood teacher training program is approved by the MOE to establish since 2001, It focuses on kindergarten teacher training program. Currently the university is the only technology university that contains both department and teacher training program in the northern part of Taiwan. 


Student population of total 600 including day and night classes, about 3,300 graduates currently employed at institutions of early childhood in the northern part of Taiwan, to development of new healthy lives with elaborated wisdom and effort. The department continuously managing governmental projects such as, every perspectives of staff development of early childhood to nurture professional quality of workers, evaluation and guidance of preschools, and parent-teacher educational collaboration.


Achievement and Specialties


l   Employment rate is 100%, graduates has been highly recommended.

l   Students go aboard intern including Singapore, Korean and people Republic of China, to expand their international horizon.

l   Retaining funding from Ministry of labor to conduct training program of employability including 0-2 infant/young children care services, art education for children, and early intervention programs for the past 8 years, to connect with industries.

l   Teachers actively engage in collaboration with early childhood industries and professional services, to build up practical experiences

l   This university is the only one in the northern part of Taiwan that has both early childhood education and care department and teacher training program. Students can enter teacher training program through examination, and obtain the opportunity to be certificated kindergarten teachers.  



Cultivation of Talent


l   Early childhood professionals

l   Infant and toddler care professionals

l   Children Artistic educational professionals

l   Early Intervention professionals


Pedagogy Specialties


l   Curriculum connects theories and practices, emphasizing on “learning by doing”, Curriculum of internship, connecting content of students learning with actual practices.

l   Curriculum design consider interest and specialty of students, closely collaborate newly developed early childhood industries, promote students relevant professional skills, to promote multiple opportunities of employment.

l   Actively promote abroad learning project to expand international horizon of students.


Professional Curriculum


       Besides early childhood professional curriculum, 0-2 infant care, art education and computer application curricular are also included, in order to develop potential of every children in any possible areas for their life planning.

l   Infant and children development and care: Theory of early childhood education and care ; Professional ethic of early childhood; Development of young children; Safety and health of young children; disease and care of infant and young children; nanny license practices.

l   Curriculum and pedagogy: Preschool education and care activity curriculum design; Observation of young children ; Teaching materials and method of preschool ; preschool classroom management ;Learning assessment of young children; Learning environmental design for infant and young children ;Early childhood internship at preschool; Theory and practice of after-school program ; Theory and practice of 0-2 infant and toddler care.

l   Art education of young children: visual art and young children education; application and study of young children literature; young children music and exercise; children theatre teaching etc.

l   Young children play and physical exercise: Young children physical exercise; theory and practices of infant and young children play.

l   Multimedia of education: Web information application; application of multimedia etc.

l   Special education: special young children education; Evaluation and assessment of special children; Sensory integration.

l   Multi-internship curriculum: Arranging whole semester preschool intern and children industry related intern, including infant center, parent-children center, afterschool program, institute of children welfare, children educational center, story industry, media related institutes, art education institute for young children, children theater, early intervention institute, toy company, publishing company and other related companies, so students may understand Taiwan current condition of early childhood market, to fully apply what has been learned in the classroom.



Faculty and equipment


Faculty: teachers possess actual field experience in addition to multiple specialties, including foundation of education, infant and young children education and care professionals, infant and young children health care, family welfare, visual art for young children, music for young children and multimedia design etc. Faculty of early childhood education has 100% doctoral degree.

Equipment: professional classroom provides teaching and students operational experiences including model preschool classroom, children health room, computer room, multimedia room, art creative room, electric piano room, dance room, service activity room, materials study room, wood factory and story room of children picture book.


Vision upon Graduation

For employment: Working at public/private preschools, infant and toddler care center, parent-children play center, afterschool program, institute of children welfare, children literature company, story industry, children program at television or radio, art education institute, children theater, early intervention institute and children toy company or publishing company.


For advanced study: Any relevant graduate schools such as infant and young children education, early childhood education, children welfare, social worker, human and family development, guidance, education, service management.


Future Development


Vision is “focusing on the growth of teachers and students, and deep development of early childhood profession”.  The developmental goals of this department are as followings:

?   Becoming a high quality institute to cultivate professionals in the field of early childhood. For cultivating professionals to possess humanity, international view, our department assists students to understand and develop self- potential, building solid practices skills, obtaining professional certificates in addition to value students’ life and learning attitude. Moreover, we continue to examine professional courses to meet the society need, and to develop students’ multi-facet professional aptitude and to increase employment compatibility.

?   Becoming an important consulting center for early childhood education and care, a part of practices study team of early childhood education and care in the area of Taoyuan, Hsinchu and Miaoti counties. The Institute of Service Industries and Management (graduate school) established in 2008 has a subgroup of early childhood to cultivate professional leadership talents to research in the area of infant and child teaching, operating and managing and community services. Future plan include holding international conferences and visiting and learning international institutes of early childhood to broaden our relationship and collaboration with foreign academia, and filed practices.    

Finally, our vision is to become one of the best professional development institution of early childhood in Taiwan, to development professionals’ humanity, community caring, social responsibility, to develop professional learning attitude and work ethics, to assist students to develop their potentials and obtain professional certificate in the related occupations and furthermore to extend to oversees internship, international conference, and collaboration between academia and industries. 


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